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Discover our walking world

Inner City Rain-forest Wai Manawa (Le Roys Bush)

Maori Pipi Walk - Leroys Bush

One Hour - discover our beautiful NZ bush just 10 mins from Auckland City.

Birkenhead Village is flanked by the largest green stand of native bush on the Shore, second only to Titirangi in the greater Auckland area. A stone's throw from Birkenhead Avenue, LeRoys Bush is a nature lovers paradise with access off main entrance 210-212 Onewa Road, Hinemoa and Enterprise Streets.

A new Access directly into the heart of this walk  from the middle of Birkenhead Village has now been added in 2016.  Access directly opposite Birkenhead Library.

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The maori "pipi walk" was a food trail running down the ridge to the shoreline of the mangrove estuary. Here the Maori sourced supplies of local seafood. This walk is a unique native bush experience with tall kauri and totara trees, nikau palms, tuis, tiwakawaka and Kereru (native wood pigeon).

The tracks are in terrific condition and provide an easy walk for day visitors. Start or end the day with a great coffee from a village café. Alternatively put together a picnic from one of our owner operated bakeries or gourmet delicatessens.


Map of Maori Pipi Walk - ala Le Roys Bush-602

Points of Interest

  • Birdlife - fantail, tui, kereru (wood pigeons)
  • Native Trees - kauri, nikau palms, totara
  • Mangroves
  • Little Shoal Bay - a rich source of seafood and pipis
  • Riverbank Glowworms (only visible in the evenings)

Birkenhead's Oldest Street

Birkenheads Oldest Street

35 mins - Hinemoa Street

The original entry to the Village was from Hinemoa Street (formerly known as Hauraki Road) and is flanked by two churches - All Saints and St Andrews. Hinemoa Street meanders for 2km from Auckland's first working wharf to the Village at the top.

In 1913 Birkenhead was advertised as Auckland's most "healthful" marine suburb. An idyllic location, it was known as one of Auckland's first holiday retreats reached by ferry.

Points of Interest

  • William Thompson House 9 Hinemoa St - Owned by an unsuccessful farmer who made a success selling strawberry jam!
  • Clows Bakery 81 Hinemoa St
  • Post Office South Junction of Maritime and Hinemoa St
  • Ravenhill - est as Stotts Butchery 98 Hinemoa St
  • Gum Diggers est as The Bakery 146 Hinemoa St
  • Mulan est as Samuel Roberts General Store - est 1910circa 243 Hinemoa St
  • NorthShore Pole Dancing Studio est as Henry Hawkins Grocery 245 Hinemoa St
  • Oborn Building Highbury Corner - 1923 formerly WH Payne Building
  • 1927 War Memorial Nell Fisher Reserve, a significant landmark on the four road junction
  • Chelsea Sugar Archives Room Library 204 Hinemoa St
  • Highbury Corner The original junction where four roads meet.

Hammonds Highbury Heritage Walk

Highbury Heritage Walk

45min loop track

This walk begins at Highbury's oldest Church, at Zion Hill. Stroll past Hammond Place, and then on to the historic art deco buildings (1920-1950) located in and around Highbury Corner. The little village remains true to its roots. Since its development in 1923 there's always been a butcher, a baker (and now a candlestick maker), fish shop, general goods store, land agent, shoe shop, drapery, and photographer around Highbury Corner. It's here that the four original roads of Birkenhead meet up. The walk finishes at All Saints Church - formerly Forester's Hall the social centre of the Village!

Interactive mobile walk

Use your mobile phone to read the QR codes on our heritage plaques to get to the heritage walk mobile site.
QR scanners:for Android, for iPhone.

Do the walk without a mobile phone by finding the plaques at heritage locations around the village.


Points of Interest

  • Zion Hill Church - Named after Mt Zion by a visiting Presbyterian Minister. First church, 1880
  • Hammond Place - Named after WF Hammond an early surveyor and developer.
  • George Jasper House and Fredrick Morris Block - The first allotment - eight buildings built by WH Payne 1927. 17-19 and 1-15 Birkenhead Ave.
  • Oborn Building - Built by WH Payne in 1923.
  • Yarntons Highbury Buildings - Built in 1933, one of 3 buildings built by WH Payne.
  • War Memorial - 1927, fantastic example of the Art Deco style, substantial landmark, junction of four roads.
  • Samuel Roberts and Henry Hawkins General Store - Oldest and original commercial building built circa 1910. 243 Hinemoa St.
  • Sutcliffe Garage - 200 Hinemoa St
  • All Saints Church - 1910, originally Foresters Hall, note forest imagery on stained glass windows and original kauri wood.
  • St Andrews Church
  • Birkenhead Primary School - land purchased 1913, built 1919.

Original Sugar Worker's Walk

Chelsea Bay


Factory tours of the iconic site, along with baking classes, exhibits and coffee.
Find out more at chelsea.co.nz/chelseabay.

Sugar Worker Walk Chelsea Factory

35 - 40 mins
New Zealand's only Sugar Factory.

New Zealand's only sugar factory was built in 1884 and at one point employed nearly all the Village. The first walks were "etched" out by sugar workers walking home to their cottages after the days work. The walk heads off down Huka Road (formerly Huttons Road) and has well maintained tracks throughout. Wander down the pathway to view the Chelsea Sugar Clay Cottages (1910 - gifted to the city 2009). The factory, located on the banks of the Waitemata was built from local clay. Four brick dams constructed 1884-1917 to provide water are today picturesque lakes, home to ducks, black swans, and shags.

Enjoy the native bush then stroll back up to Rawene Road for a gelato or coffee at historic Highbury Corner, or alternatively you can now enjoy a coffee waters edge at the Chelsea Sugar Refinery Cafe.

Download the Map


Click here to download the Chelsea sugar cube map.

Points of Interest

  • Huka Road Sugar Workers Cottages - 45 Huka Rd
  • View from Chelsea Estate Park - To Auckland City
  • Chelsea Sculpture - A gift to Auckland in 2009.
  • Chelsea Clay Cottages - Built in 1910. (private residence)
  • Chelsea Sugar Refinery Factory - Built 1883 (approx.) Cafe 
  • Chelsea Sugar Refinery Factory Tour (Bookings ahead of time essential https://www.chelsea.co.nz/chelseabay/factory-tours/
  • 44 Rawene Road - Earliest example of sugar workers cottage, a style built from 1850-1880 (approx) (private residence)
  • 51 Rawene Road - Villas were common dwellings built 1870-1915 (approx.)
  • 55 Rawene Road - Sugar worker cottages (private residence). Built from late 1910 with features later found in the bungalow.
  • Chelsea Sugar Workers Archives - Award winning Birkenhead library.
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Free parking village wide. Click the map for more info.


Birkenhead Village is managed by the Birkenhead Town Centre Association, a not-for-profit voluntary business organisation that is charged with creating economic growth for businesses in the area.

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